Postcards from Grafton

Genealogy Gems: Part I

June 14, 2021

What would prompt four librarians to discuss salvia bubbles, comfort food, faraway travels, and black and white photographs? Genealogy of course! GMPL staffers Maggie Noble, Tami Mullins, Crystal Samol, and Pam Myers agreed to chat with us about what might be lurking in their family trees and take Ancestry DNA tests. Do their results confirm their family stories, or bust their family folklore? What do they plan to do after learning their results? Let us help you build your family tree. You have the chance to win an Ancestry DNA test kit! Listen to the code word given by Maggie during this episode and email it to by July 14, 2021. One lucky person will be randomly selected to win. By testing a saliva sample, Ancestry DNA looks at the entire genome of a person, about 700,000 markers, to provide a genetic ethnicity profile. Ancestry DNA maps your ethnicity going back multiple generations so you can see what region your ancestors are from and how likely you are to have a certain heritage, and it identifies relationships with potentially unknown relatives by matching your DNA with the other 18 million members of Ancestry. Don't forget that Grafton-Midview Public Library has a variety of research databases to assist you in your genealogy pursuits. Visit to access HeritageQuest, Fold3, and more resources.  

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